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  1. IBM Keeps Stock Price High with Buybacks, Perhaps Neglecting Innovation
  2. Relevance of Lifestyle Analytics for Healthcare Organizations
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  6. "Reverse Feed" of Clinical Data from EHR to the LIS -- Will This Ever Happen?
  7. The Comprehensive Theranostic Summary (CTS): A "Must Have" for Surgical Pathology
  8. Mismatch Repair Status and BRAF Mutation Status in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Patients: A Pooled Analysis of the CAIRO, CAIRO2, COIN, and FOCUS Studies
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  12. New book coming this week!
  13. Best Post of August 2015: 35-year-old woman who died after a presumed seizure episode
    "neuropathology blog: Best Post of August 2015: 35-year-old woman who died after a presumed seizure episode"
  14. Genetech Taps On-Line Patient Communities to Improve Trials
  15. Hedge Funds Turn to "Social Listening" to Guide Pharma Investments
  16. As Physicians Lose Clout, Pharma Companies Redirect Sales Calls
  17. What’s the difference between Howell-Jolly bodies and Heinz bodies?
  18. Talking to Patients Helps Reduce Hospital Readmissions
  19. My secret agent intercepted this communication
    "neuropathology blog: My secret agent intercepted this communication"
  20. Revisiting EHR Interoperability; Standardized Content and Vendor Strategy