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  1. Google Uses Neural Networks to Describe the Content of Images
  2. Geisinger Develops Its Own EHR Interconnectivity Software Solution
  3. Why, why, why D-dimer?
  4. Robin Williams had Lewy Body Disease
    "neuropathology blog: Robin Williams had Lewy Body Disease"
  5. Development of Integrated Diagnostic Servers by Pathology and Radiology
  6. Medical presentation tip #2: Don’t crowd the slide with text.
  7. Seniors Being Testing for Recreational Drugs and Medicare Pays the Bill
  8. Lung Cancer Screening--from the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer
  9. Confirmation that Big Pharma Spends More on Marketing than R&D
  10. Very cool coagulation video (no, really!)
  11. CT Scans for Some Elderly Smokers to be Reimbursed by Medicare
  12. Standardizing Hospital Patient Handoffs with I-PASS to Reduce Errors
  13. Medical presentation tip 1: pick a simple template
  14. Wearable Health Monitoring Devices: a Means to Lower Insurance Costs?
  15. Free Upcoming Webinar: Utilizing Informatics to Improve Physician Test Selection
  16. Some Corporate Wellness Programs Develop Teeth; EEOC Files Lawsuit
  17. Wait, the growth fraction drops as tumors grow?
  18. "Don't Tell Judy Faulkner," Cleveland Clinic CEO Cosgrove Cautions Audience
  19. TAT Variation among Pathologists Generating Reports for High Risk Cases
  20. "Atlas of Gross Neuropathology" to be released in the United States tomorrow!
    "neuropathology blog: "Atlas of Gross Neuropathology" to be released in the United States tomorrow!"