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  1. Potential Cost Savings Associated with Palliative Care Teams in Hospitals
  2. Greater Transparency for Hospital Charges Slowly Becoming the Norm
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  5. The asinine reason why the name JCD was converted to CJD
    "neuropathology blog: The asinine reason why the name JCD was converted to CJD"
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  7. "Unpatient" Health Data Ownership Manifesto; An Idea Whose Time Has Come
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  12. FDA Develops App to Track Drug Shortages; Also APIs to Access FDA Databases
  13. Hospital Entrepreneurship and the Salaries of Non-Profit Hospital Executives
  14. Peto's Paradox: why elephants don't get brain cancer
    "neuropathology blog: Peto's Paradox: why elephants don't get brain cancer"
  15. New International Society of Blood Transfusion Website
  16. Why do you see Howell-Jolly bodies in sickle cell anemia?
  17. Low T?: Big Pharma and Physicians Put Testosterone Recipients at Risk
  18. Genetic Testing and "Basket" Trials Provide Superior Experience for Cancer Patients
  19. 23andMe Receives FDA Approval for Bloom Syndrome Test
  20. Free Upcoming Webinar on Digital Pathology by Dr. Stephen Hewitt