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  1. Unreported clinical trial of the week: Neuroprotection with statin therapy for acute recovery in stroke (NCT01976936)
  2. Does Your Patient REALLY Understand? Using the Teach-Back Method
  3. Co-payments in healthcare: politics masquerading as economics
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  6. Julian Sheather: The effect of anti-terrorism legislation on the provision of healthcare globally
  7. Richard Lehman’s journal review—16 July 2018
    "Richard Lehman's journal review—16 July 2018 - The BMJ"
  8. Nurse, What's Your Personal or Professional "Everest"?
    "Nurse Keith's Digital Doorway: Nurse, What's Your Personal or Professional "Everest"?"
  9. Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing – Theodore Roosevelt
  10. Jeffrey Aronson: When I use a word . . . Caves and diseases
  11. Richard Smith: Is precision medicine a fantasy?
  12. Martin McKee: Decoding the Brexit white paper—what might it mean for health?
  13. Wynn Aung: Celebrating Pride and the NHS
  14. Johanna Hanefeld and Benjamin Hawkins: NCDs—it’s time to embrace the evidence, not industry
  15. Andy Cowper: From Hunt to Hancock—a changing of the guard, or a mini-me?
  16. Sharing science at today’s pace: an experience with preprints
  17. The modern era must end: Antibiotic resistance helps us rethink medicine and farming
  18. Ian Hamilton: Decisions about medicinal cannabis should be made by the health department
  19. Margaret Kay: Physician health starts with all of us
  20. Unreported clinical trial of the week: Impact of antiviral medication for Hepatitis C on real world outcomes (NCT02461745)