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  1. DrMarkham: From a true story: Women Still Missing From Medicine's Top Ranks
  2. DrMarkham: Pet therapy...one of the best medicines. A Cancer Patient's Best Friend (congrats
  3. DrMarkham: From a great piece on the disparities of the ER - a university hospital vs a VA hospital.
    "JAMA Network | JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association | Worlds Apart"
  4. DrMarkham: America's Failure To Treat, Prevent Cancer
    "'America's Failure: To Treat And Prevent Cancer' : NPR"
  5. DrMarkham: A port can be ur best friend! Did you have a port for #chemo? Share your experience with us! ...
  6. DrMarkham: Did you have a port for #chemo? Share your experience with us!
    "Should I Get a Port? | Living Despite Cancer"
  7. DrMarkham: This question comes up a lot. New post: Should I Get a Port?
  8. DrMarkham: On my personal blog, I share a story of when I was an intern...
    "saying thanks with dinner, and pound cake for a crowd | The Merry Gourmet"
  9. DrMarkham: Our latest post on LDC... New post: Sexual Health and Cancer Therapy
  10. DrMarkham: It's National #Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Seeking help or want to learn more? Visit #AACR
  11. DrMarkham: Thanks! #ASCOcommentary “Help from an Online Community” by special mention to
  12. DrMarkham: From the comes a beautiful post by an oncologist -- The Widow's Doctor Visit.
  13. DrMarkham: We've got a lot of progress to make --> Ovarian cancer screenings aren't effective:
    "Ovarian Cancer Screenings Are Not Effective, Panel Says - NYTimes.com"
  14. DrMarkham: Cancer Study Points to Tighter Pairing of Drugs and Patients
    "For a Lung Cancer, Drug Treatment May Be Within Reach - NYTimes.com"
  15. DrMarkham: From Marijuana use may increase risk of testicular cancer, according to a new study:
    "Marijuana use may raise risk of testicular cancer – The Chart - CNN.com Blogs"
  16. DrMarkham: Nice piece. Young doctors find they can have a real life with the help of high-tech gadgets:
    "News from The Associated Press"
  17. DrMarkham: A common issue with cancer treatment. New post: How to Handle Fatigue During Cancer Treatment
  18. DrMarkham: Heavier women have a harder time preventing cancer from returning |
    "Breast Cancer: Overweight, Obese Women at Risk of Recurrence, Death | Healthland | TIME.com"
  19. DrMarkham: Need financial assistance during your #cancer treatment? We just updated our list of resources:
    "Living Despite Cancer | Financial Resources"
  20. DrMarkham: From shares six wonderful ways to cope with #cancer.
    "Life, Interrupted: Six Ways to Cope With Cancer - NYTimes.com"