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  1. ‘Nothing to lose and everything to gain’ – Alfred’s story
  2. News digest – Tobacco strategy, cancer survival, HPV jab and boys, and finally… John McCain diagnosed with cancer
  3. Reviewing our year
  4. Choice: The Hidden Curriculum in Palliative Care
    "Choice: The Hidden Curriculum in Palliative Care ~ Pallimed"
  5. Proton beam therapy is arriving in the UK: what does that mean for patients?
  6. News digest – radiotherapy and Brexit, public health services under strain, bacteria behaving badly and… coffee extends life?
  7. Palliative Care & CHF: PAL-HF trial
    "Palliative Care & CHF: PAL-HF trial ~ Pallimed"
  8. An introduction to radiotherapy: what is it, how does it work, and what’s it for?
  9. Science Surgery: ‘Could more cancers be caused by inherited faulty genes than we now think?’
  10. Our milestones: How a surprise discovery is helping improve cancer diagnosis
  11. News digest – Promising early results for cancer vaccines, calls for more gene testing in the NHS, warning for alcohol and cancer, and… manicures and cancer risk?
  12. News Digest – Frozen needles, a smokefree UK, microbubbles and… breaking cancer’s ‘legs’?
  13. The UK is 10 years smoke-free and there’s more at stake than just clean-smelling clothes
  14. Why you need to ‘opt in’ to keep hearing from Cancer Research UK
  15. Upstream Palliative Care and Dissecting Hope From Hype in Oncology
    "Upstream Palliative Care and Dissecting Hope From Hype in Oncology ~ Pallimed"
  16. Lung cancer discovery points to a better way to personalise immunotherapy
  17. News digest – 8 new grand cancer challenges, blood tests, personalising immunotherapy and… ‘go natural’?
  18. 8 new challenges between us and beating cancer
  19. ASCO 2017: 4 ways treatment could change following world’s largest cancer conference
  20. News digest – smoking rates falling, aspirin risks, breast cancer drug U-turn and… ‘tanning drugs’?