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  1. One bad stat can spoil the bunch – another cautionary tale
  2. In nation’s capital, rising gentrification undermines health of African American community
  3. FiveThirtyEight’s Anna Barry-Jester on how she reported the story of big disparities in South’s Black Belt
    "FiveThirtyEight’s Anna Barry-Jester On How She Reported The Story of Big Disparities In South's Black Belt | Center for Health Journalism"
  4. Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: Multimedia health openings available across the country
  5. Americans cross the border for affordable dental care
  6. In some of Los Angeles' poorest neighborhoods, a rich cluster of services targets underserved kids
    "In Some Of Los Angeles Poorest Neighborhoods, A Rich Cluster Of Services Targets Underserved Kids And Families | Center for Health Journalism"
  7. In East St. Louis, a beleaguered city turns to community resources in effort to transform schools
  8. Health care debate shines light on Medicaid
  9. Investigation into Florida’s youth corrections system points to systemic abuse
  10. Nobody's treating gentrification like the public health problem that it is
  11. ​As Washington wrestles over health reform, communities brace for impacts on children
  12. How neglect and abuse change children’s brains — and their futures
  13. Reporter uncovers the hidden tragedies of children left behind when mom goes to jail
  14. New report looks at long-term care affordability, recommendations
  15. Can cities protect undocumented families from the rising threat of toxic stress in Trump’s America?
  16. Foster youth and sex trafficking: Can the system that failed these kids now save them?
  17. For N.C. reporter, news brief led to series on solitary confinement, mental illness
  18. Not again . . . .
  19. Statistics show Kentucky’s juvenile justice system is leaving black kids behind
  20. In a Florida city were kids kill at a terrifying rate, a search for answers