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  1. ProfAlanMaynard: Quote of the Day - BrainyQuote via
  2. ProfAlanMaynard: Check out this extraordinary video clip of 100s of people receiving free health care in a LA sports hall
    "Patients flock to L.A. Sports Arena for free health services - latimes.com"
  3. ProfAlanMaynard: Do you know why we should do this?... . Because the private sectors been SO successful in the pas ...
  4. ProfAlanMaynard: Clinical dissection of govt's "deficit reduction (non-) plan" from Brian Reading:
    "Blunt Axe, Blind Axeman: the failure of Osborne’s deficit reduction plan | British Politics and Policy at LSE"
  5. ProfAlanMaynard: Mitt Romney's mega corporation funds the Tory Party & in return they gain a NHS Contract. via ...
    "The Green Benches: Mitt Romney's mega corporation funds the Tory Party & in return they gain a NHS Contract."
  6. ProfAlanMaynard: Woman shoots husband to protect cat
    "Audrey Deen Miller, Texas Woman, Allegedly Shoots Husband Over Cat (VIDEO)"
  7. ProfAlanMaynard: "The private sector can manufacture its own nominal gdp", important from
  8. ProfAlanMaynard: Simon Jenkins suggests council tax reform rather than an unworkable mansion tax via
    "Council tax: the easy way to make mansion-dwellers pay | Simon Jenkins | Comment is free | The Guardian"
  9. ProfAlanMaynard: Why exit is an option for Germany
  10. ProfAlanMaynard: “ Increased obesity wiping out most health benefits of less smoking: via Malthus rules OK
  11. ProfAlanMaynard: Medical students lack knowledge of healthcare overhaul
  12. ProfAlanMaynard: So is heading for the Top 40, courtesy of Currently #65. Verdict? ...
  13. ProfAlanMaynard: The High Cost of Out-of-Pocket Expenses at End-of-Life By
  14. ProfAlanMaynard: Morning-after pills made available to N.Y. high school students
  15. ProfAlanMaynard: Nothing good comes of this: When Surgeons Leave Objects Behind via
    "Ensuring Nothing's Left Behind in a Patient - NYTimes.com"
  16. ProfAlanMaynard: Larry Elliott, George Osborne's deficit reduction plan: a blunt axe, blindly wielded
  17. ProfAlanMaynard: Breathing European air shortens lives -report
  18. ProfAlanMaynard: Long seen as plodding, Britain's local councils are now bold, ideological and on the march
    "Radical local government: Political Petri dishes | The Economist"
  19. ProfAlanMaynard: CHRIST ALIVE! 1,083,898 people have have now heard Nick Clegg sing his apology on You Tube
    "The Nick Clegg Apology Song: I'm Sorry (The Autotune Remix) - YouTube"
  20. ProfAlanMaynard: Mormon location of Christ's second coming awkward in 21st century
    "Mormon History And Theology: Missouri Is Land Of Zion And Location Of Second Coming"