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  1. welsh_gas_doc: The Daily Mail are really ranking up the pressure on the Government re NHS cut-backs.
    "Just one GP for 500,000 patients; True scale of crisis in out-of-hours NHS cover revealed | Mail Online"
  2. welsh_gas_doc: here is smne official info but this shows that only 50% are repaying! ...
    "EU student finance for 2012/13 : Directgov - Education and learning"
  3. welsh_gas_doc: I'd put you in a folder if I could, with all your other Appy friends. As I can't - you sit there where I can't see you.
    "Twitter / welsh_gas_doc: I'd put you in a folder if ..."
  4. welsh_gas_doc: Conservative Peer Lord Ashcroft (back in June) talking about why a Tory attack on Ed Miliband would be a mistake...
  5. welsh_gas_doc: £440 for a course on how to use Twitter? Worth every penny piece, I'd wager... via
    "Twitter for Business Training Course London | Learn How to Use Twitter"
  6. welsh_gas_doc: Diggus Junior has made a tribute to
    "Twitter / BiggusDiggus: Diggus Junior has made a tribute ..."
  7. welsh_gas_doc: And here's the full text:
    "Comparing the USA, UK and 17 Western countries' efficiency and effectiveness in reducing mortality"
  8. welsh_gas_doc: Comparing health system efficiency and effectiveness:
    "Comparing the USA, UK and 17 Western countries' efficiency and effectiveness in reducing mortality"
  9. welsh_gas_doc: Andrew Mitchell says we should draw a line under #PlebGate. That's the end of that then, we won't mention it again.
    "BBC News - Andrew Mitchell: Police row 'blown out of proportion'"
  10. welsh_gas_doc: This is shocking if true. Man jailed for accidentally texting rude message to entire address book.
    "The BlackBerry typo that landed a man in jail | PC Pro blog"
  11. welsh_gas_doc: Watch this - a baby born with hemiplegia becoming a mini-superhero click the adverts and support (fixed link)
    "A Mini Superhuman - YouTube"
  12. welsh_gas_doc: . This used to scare the shit out of me. I had a nightmare about it when I was a kid. Damn you HTV.
    "HTV Crime Stoppers - YouTube"
  13. welsh_gas_doc: Yes.
    "The Daily Mail’s List Of Things That Give You Cancer: From A To Z"
  14. welsh_gas_doc: please RT. Help us get more men to look after themselves. Mens health awareness. … v ...
    "Movember United Kingdom - Home"
  15. welsh_gas_doc: A story that wouldn't be possible were it not for fair approach to tuition fees that we have in Wales
    "BBC News - Oxford start for fairground family teen Shelby Holmes"
  16. welsh_gas_doc: South Wales healthcare consultation is now open: #NHSWales
    "Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board | CHANGING FOR THE BETTER/SOUTH WALES PROGRAMME"
  17. welsh_gas_doc: Tickets are selling fast for #JAW2012 - programme and ticket information available HERE:
    "Junior Anaesthetists of Wales - Annual Meeting 2012"
  18. welsh_gas_doc: He puts modern rappers to shame...
    "Major-General The Pirates of Penzance (Subtitles) - YouTube"
  19. welsh_gas_doc: Rolf Harris and Basil Brush singing "The Court of King Caractacus" - pure, unrefined joy.
    "Rolf Harris & Basil Brush The Court Of King Caractacus WEIRD - YouTube"
  20. welsh_gas_doc: If you're enjoying #TheValleys, sign this petition asking to give 5% of revenue to Valleys charities:
    "THE VALLEYS 5% PETITION « The Valleys are Here"