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  1. 2. Buy the cheapest gel mat that company makes. See:
    "GelPro Gel-Filled Comfort Floor Mats in Elegant Fashionable Styles"
  2. Your homey Mossberg did this for us already, thank you very much:
    "bookofjoe: Google Maps on iPhone 5/iOS 6"
  3. You need this:
    "bookofjoe: Swiss Army Tampon Twitter / bookofjoe: @outofmischief @xtophercook ..."
  4. Signs of the Apocalypse: First NFL, then Apple apologize. Who next? Dragas?
  5. See also:
    "Walking While Working: How to Take Your Cubicle from 'Fattening Pen' to 'Fitness Center'"
  6. My bona fides: seen in the New York Times"—even better than "As seen on TV!" More:
    "bookofjoe: Treadmill workspace"
  7. Still waiting for my first client after a year in business. well.
    "Twitter / bookofjoe: @MikeChorost Still waiting ..."
  8. Gray Cat has returned from morning rounds, now napping on toasty cable box. All is well in my world.
    "Twitter / bookofjoe: Gray Cat has returned from ..."
  9. "...compared the continuing presence of Dragas to a cancer that should be removed for the sake of the school."
    "Area Lawmakers Hear Calls For Helen Dragas To Go - 1070 WINA"
  10. It's a figure of speech:
    "get religion - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia. Twitter / bookofjoe: @Martina It's a figure of speech: ..."
  11. Gray Cat a moment ago.
    "Twitter / bookofjoe: Gray Cat a moment ago. ..."
  12. If I travel to NYC my first meal will be here: End of discussion.
    "Restaurant Review - Ichimura at Brushstroke in TriBeCa - NYTimes.com"
  13. Thought Out Co. makes best Apple accessories (stands, holders, et al.) on planet—and has one of its worst websites.
    "iPhone, iPod, iPad Stand, Holders and Mounts | Made in USA Certified® | Thought Out Company"
  14. "Apple seeks patent for Siri" Siri Hustvedt's lawyer must be licking his chops.
    "Apple seeks patent for Siri automated assistant Siri Hustvedt – Works by Siri Hustvedt – Official Website"
  15. What about this one?:
    "Amazon.com: Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (Nylon): Electronics"
  16. Giant 16 Inch Long Pen
  17. 80,000 restaurants in Tokyo!
    "Apple Maps Errors Send Japanese to Homegrown App - NYTimes.com"
  18. I uploaded a video Gray Cat Hearts Van Halen
  19. My new favorite fun couple: Fiona Apple and Rusty Fleming. It's not even close.
    "Police to Fiona Apple: 'Just shut up and sing' - CNN.com Twitter / bookofjoe: My new favorite fun couple: ..."
  20. USB-Powered Lighted Bladeless Robot Fan