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  1. Thinkbirth: A site aimed at helping parents understand how stress affects pregnancy and fetal development with lifelong...
    "The Mother’s WellbeingBegin Before Birth | Begin Before Birth"
  2. Thinkbirth: "the case was clearly not about freedom of opinion. It was about freedom to spread untruths" and that is illegal
    "One Year On: How To Twist And Shout Down A Legal Judgment | The Global Mail"
  3. Thinkbirth: This may help with #destroythejoint and #reclaimthenight here
    "Two weeks, 6500 likes: One Admin reflects on Destroy the Joint on Facebook « sayitonsunday Reclaim the Night Austalia Homepage"
  4. Thinkbirth: danger has always been there. We have to help our children learn empowering ways of being in the world
  5. Thinkbirth: Safeguarding Pregnant Women With Essential Supplies Produces Positive Effect via ...
    "Catharine Taylor: Safeguarding Pregnant Women With Essential Supplies Produces a Positive Ripple Effect"
  6. Thinkbirth: Gold and Silver to Alan Jones! Full list of the Ernies 2012 winners: #destroythejoint
  7. Thinkbirth: "Misogyny is alive and kicking - The Drum Opinion via < clear evidence of the need to #destroythejoint
  8. Thinkbirth: "the immune system of a pregnant mother stimulates cells that selectively prevent attack and rejection of fetal...
    "Pregnancy generates maternal immune-suppressive cells that protect the fetus"
  9. Thinkbirth: 'Oh hello' :) what a gorgeous photo! Thanks to The Skeptical Mother for sharing
    "Update Your Browser | Facebook"
  10. Thinkbirth: World Contraception Day Highlights How Obamacare Is Helping U.S. Women Access Birth Control via ...
  11. Thinkbirth: More on fetal microchimerism. Thanks to Denise Hynd for the link
    "Son's cells make their way to mum's brain"
  12. Thinkbirth: And are those with a science basis followed? Not necessarily! Perception always wins over reality
    "Study: Two-Thirds of OB-GYN Clinical Guidelines Have No Basis in Science"
  13. Thinkbirth: “ & Acupressure for the Childbearing Year < looks interesting Kathy
    "How Much Stress is Too Much Stress in Pregnancy?"
  14. Thinkbirth: Human rights violations in European maternity care.
    "Petition | Human rights violations in European maternity care. | Change.org"
  15. Thinkbirth: A shocking tale of trolling and an amazing tale of resolution; a must read. There is a lot to think about and...
    "Traynor's Eye: Meeting A Troll..."
  16. Thinkbirth: "A lot of the stuff I've learned has been through listening to women, allowing myself to be instructed by...
    "Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin and The Farm Midwives | DOXA Documentary Film Festival"
  17. Thinkbirth: "Windle, in his experiments on asphyxiated primates,[2] noted that BBI never occurred in the primate’s natural...
  18. Thinkbirth: Beautiful! "They made me feel as if my pregnancy and birth were the most important thing in the world - a feeling...
    "Coquelet & Punger Family Medicine P.A., Ft. Pierce, Florida - 772-466-8884"
  19. Thinkbirth: A clear and distilled voice of reason tells it like it is ...
    "the Little Leaf: I'm sorry, is my uterus in the way of your politics?"
  20. Thinkbirth: If ever there was a research paper that shows the vital importance of the stress ameliorating support that one to...
    "Prenatal Programming of Human Neurological Function"