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  1. drmlb: Modernize Your Bagged Lunch -help for busy school or call days
  2. drmlb: Residency Interviews Part 2: The Flights | Wellness Rounds
  3. drmlb: "I wonder, is my medical education engendering scholarly thought in a way that might produce writer-thinkers...?"
    "The Reflex Hammer: Where Are Today's Philosopher-Physicians?"
  4. drmlb: “Because science carries us toward an understanding of how the world is..."
    "On Being Blog • “Because science carries us toward an..."
  5. drmlb: Robotic surgery overkill with link to video evidence. My blog.
    "Skeptical Scalpel: More robotic surgery overkill (with video proof)"
  6. drmlb: MT Helping 3medstudents deal with their first confrontation with death. #DWDchat #meded
    "Grappling with Death, Becoming a More Caring Doctor | The Doctor's Tablet"
  7. drmlb: Undermining Planned Parenthood in Texas
  8. drmlb: Ask Skeptical Scalpel: How can an applicant tell if a residency program is any good?
    "Ask Skeptical Scalpel: How can an applicant really tell what a surgical program is like?"
  9. drmlb: Padded, wicking and not cheap are the best I've found
    "Shoes to Wear in the Hospital | Wellness Rounds"
  10. drmlb: Loving the BITE: Eggs Are Good- cool way to "hard boil" #eggs in the oven.
    "Curried Egg Salad Recipe and Nutrition Information | lovingthebike.com"
  11. drmlb: Loving the Bicycle Commute: Back to the Basics
    "Loving the Commute: Back to the Basics | lovingthebike.com"
  12. drmlb: "One of the ..benefits from the ACA is to decrease the amount of unplanned pregnancies, especially for teenagers"
    "Pediatric Health Blog, Texas Children's Hospital - The Affordable Care Act For Women’s Health | Medicine | Milestones | Miracles"
  13. drmlb: “If you are peaceful, if you are happy, whatever you do...
    "On Being Blog • “If you are peaceful, if you are happy, whatever..."
  14. drmlb: QD: News Every Day--Internists look askance at industry-funded studies
  15. drmlb: Your Favorite Ways to Eat Zucchini
    "Your Favorite Ways to Zucchini | Healthy Eats – Food Network Healthy Living Blog"
  16. drmlb: "What if I don't blow the boards out of the water and can't choose a "lifestyle" specialty?" Hard ??s for #meded
    "Skeptical Scalpel: Anguish. Choosing a medical specialty is difficult, Part II"
  17. drmlb: Fast, Easy Recipes: Canyon Ranch
  18. drmlb: Observation in infants < 6 months with neuroblastoma is safe. from
  19. drmlb: Good words to live by! Please if you agree! #health #wellness
    "Twitter / CanyonRanch: Good words to live by! Please ..."
  20. drmlb: Michael E. DeBakey Medical Student Poetry Award