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  1. murzee: No Photo No Voto? Sarah Silverman is back to explain "Voter ID" laws #LetMyPeopleVote via
  2. murzee: oooh, can't wait! On at 3p ET, going to talk abt hospital superbugs w et al
    "Talk of the Nation : NPR"
  3. murzee: New post (finally!): #ACOG's dysmenorrhea FAQs: Evidence of propaganda? #gyn #epatient #epat #EBM #s4pm #SMDM
  4. murzee: Re: politics as eg of confirmation bias -- yes, absolutely! More on confirmation bias in
    "Between the Lines: Finding the Truth in Medical Literature - Home"
  5. murzee: "Getting to Best Care at Lower Cost" by in Archives
    "JAMA Network | Archives of Internal Medicine | Getting to Best Care at Lower CostGetting to Best Care at Lower Cost"
  6. murzee: So what does $750 billion in wasted spending look like? From the IoM: #healthcarefail
  7. murzee: Aware of 'no options,' woman dies fighting for medical coverage Would honest dialogue re: #ACA hav ...
  8. murzee: “ The curious relationship between place names and population density a power law describes it, of course”
  9. murzee: who knew? “ Does that book have great online reviews: Be skeptical, very skeptical HT
    "Book Reviewers for Hire Meet a Demand for Online Raves - NYTimes.com"
  10. murzee: Another v smart piece on the KPC outbreak, by
    "The NIH Superbug Story—a missing piece | Molecules to Medicine, Scientific American Blog Network"
  11. murzee: intense “ A movie producer has to sit next to a violent man on a cross country flight: #goodread”
    "How To Deal With An "Unruly Passenger" On A Cross-Country Flight"
  12. murzee: YES! Must listen! A Tea Partier decided to pick a fight w/ a foreign president. It didn't go so well.
    "A Tea Partier Decided To Pick A Fight With A Foreign President. It Didn't Go So Well."
  13. murzee: required reading IOM Report: Ethical Considerations in Studying Drug Safety via
  14. murzee: cool. cc 20 short theories of effective book cover design
    "Scent of a kitten: the 20 irrefutable theories of book cover design | Books | guardian.co.uk"
  15. murzee: Please RT: Tell Speaker Boehner to remove Todd Akin from the House Science Committee after rape comments:
    "Denounce Todd Akin | DCCC"
  16. murzee: “ FAQ: Decoding The $716 Billion In Medicare Reductions - Kaiser Health News via
  17. murzee: This is awesome Buddhist in America - Carla Kelly: via #SGI
  18. murzee: Back in the USSR? Putin's thug ways of extinguishing dissent -- the Pussy Riot story #humanrights
    "Russian female punk band Pussy Riot gets 2 years for hooliganism over Putin protest at church site - CBS News"
  19. murzee: “ Check out my review of new book on reading the medical literature intelligently
    "Reviews - Between the Lines: Finding the Truth in Medical Literature"
  20. murzee: MUST WATCH: CNN's Soledad O'Brien takes John Sununu apart by being informed and unflappable:
    "Video - Breaking News Videos from CNN.com"