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  1. EricTopol: check out our new #infographic based on book thanks esp #CDoM
  2. EricTopol: The case for doctors not (necessarily) knowing best and the need for doc-patient partnership by #CDoM
    "The Cost of Assuming Doctors Know Best - Shannon Brownlee & Joe Colucci - The Atlantic"
  3. EricTopol: Data-driven diabetes care good case made, and it will get a lot better #mHealth #digitalhealth
    "TNW Insider - Technology Industry News, Business and Features"
  4. EricTopol: A big week for reclassifying diseases. From 4 types of breast cancer to 2 types of multiple sclerosis by RNA profiling
    "An RNA Profile Identifies Two Subsets of Multiple Sclerosis Patients Differing in Disease Activity"
  5. EricTopol: The first dissolvable, implantable chips Big time implications for the future of medicine #CDoM (fix)
    "A Physically Transient Form of Silicon Electronics"
  6. EricTopol: "We should have saved Steve Jobs" By my friend Sid Mukherjee and via
    "We Failed Steve Jobs - Newsweek and The Daily Beast 'America's Failure: To Treat And Prevent Cancer' : NPR"
  7. EricTopol: Marked differences in the gut microbiome among diabetics (T2D) compared with healthy individuals #genomics
    "A metagenome-wide association study of gut microbiota in type 2 diabetes : Nature : Nature Publishing Group"
  8. EricTopol: "Is Alzheimer's Type 3 Diabetes?" No! The "dots" are not connectable. How about some science?
  9. EricTopol: The Future of Digital Medicine via Todays Boston Public Radio's segment #CDoM
  10. EricTopol: Remarkable study of a very rare disease and a repurposed drug... sig. implications by
    "Progeria Drug Study Helps in Search for Clues on Aging - WSJ.com"
  11. EricTopol: Two new books to make one very depressed about health care and
    "Bad Pharma: How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients: Ben Goldacre: Amazon.com: Kindle Store Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won't Tell You and How Transparency Can Revolutionize Health Care: Marty Makary MD,Martin Makary: 9781608198368: Amazon.com: Books"
  12. EricTopol: "4 distinct types of breast cancer'' headline Better way to think is "It's the mutations, stupid"
    "More Breast Cancer Treatments Hinted in Study - NYTimes.com Comprehensive molecular portraits of human breast tumours : Nature : Nature Publishing Group"
  13. EricTopol: Life After Siri: A laser and fiber-optic system can quickly scan your bloodstream for circulating tumor cells #CDoM
    "SRI Has Innovations Other Than Siri That Might Make Your Life Even Easier | Fast Company"
  14. EricTopol: Sensors and digital devices to make football safer. Should add #genomics to determine who is at particular risk
    "Field Goal - TIME"
  15. EricTopol: You made me day! Thx "The Creative Destruction of Medicine" now part of lecture notes for 160 MS1 students
    "The Creative Destruction of Medicine by Eric Topol"
  16. EricTopol: Innovative, cheap, point-of-care liver function testing paper-based microfluidics--> #digitalhealth
    "A Paper-Based Multiplexed Transaminase Test for Low-Cost, Point-of-Care Liver Function Testing"
  17. EricTopol: Agree: "It is very rare in the history of science that you have such a confluence of enabling technologies" #CDoM
    "M.D. Anderson Launches $3 Billion Initiative to Cut Cancer Deaths - WSJ.com"
  18. EricTopol: Fetal and embryo sequencing will be a big part of #genomic medicine in the future #CDoM
    "Leading DNA Sequencing Company Buys Chromosome Testing Company - Technology Review"
  19. EricTopol: Step towards an asthma sensor iPhone Spirometry. #mHealth #CDoM
    "SpiroSmart iPhone App Accurately Estimates Lung Air Volume (video)"
  20. EricTopol: Problems with biomedical peer review publications piling up "Journalistic Deficit Disorder"
    "Reporting science: Journalistic deficit disorder | The Economist"