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  1. Teething: signs and symptoms
  2. Flowable composites: clinical performance in non-carious cervical lesions
  3. Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block: improving anaesthetic success in patients with irreversible pulpitis
  4. First permanent molars: consequences of early loss
  5. Dentures: techniques and materials for final impressions
  6. Oral health literacy, oral health behaviours and outcomes
  7. Vitamin D and periodontal disease
  8. Chlorhexidine-fluoride mouthwash efficacy
  9. Pacifier sucking: Limited evidence of impact on orofacial structures
  10. Orthodontic treatment for class II division I malocclusion
  11. Candida albicans: higher prevalence in children with early childhood caries
  12. Keratocysts: conservative treatment approaches?
  13. Fixed appliance orthodontics: extraction or non-extraction and soft tissue changes
  14. Bleeding after dental extraction: no evidence from randomised trials
  15. Root canal treatment – irrigant activation techniques to remove smear layer and debris?
  16. Slow-release fluoride devices for caries prevention: insufficient evidence
  17. Autotransplantation of teeth to the anterior maxilla?
  18. Buffering local anaesthetics to reduce dental injection pain?
  19. Photodynamic therapy for oral lichen planus?
  20. Dental anxiety: Non-pharmacological treatment may be beneficial