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  1. Sleep bruxism: risk factors
  2. Nonsurgical periodontal treatment: adjunctive antibiotic use in diabetics
  3. Regenerative endodontic treatment or MTA apical plug in teeth with pulp necrosis and open apices?
  4. Regenerative endodontics in non-vital immature permanent teeth
  5. Sleep bruxism: validity of diagnostic tools
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  7. Molar incisor hypomineralisation: prevalence
  8. Orofacial pain: pharmacological treatments
  9. Motivational interviewing for periodontal disease
  10. Khat chewing has an adverse effect on periodontal tissues
  11. School-based oral health education only has short term impact
  12. Bad breath: how common is it?
  13. Palatally displaced canines: open or closed surgical exposure?
  14. Silver diamine fluoride: effectiveness in older adults
  15. Interceptive primary canine extraction for palatally displaced permanent canines
  16. Prednisolone for post-endodontic pain?
  17. Barriers and enablers to dental care for people affected by mental health disorders
  18. Antibiotics as an adjunct to the non-surgical periodontal treatment of smokers
  19. Periodontal maintenance after specialist treatment: specialist or primary care setting?
  20. Scaling and root planing adjuncts for chronic periodontitis