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  1. Depression and oral health
  2. Invisalign®: very low quality evidence for effectiveness
  3. Oral health status: Does it have an impact of school attendance and performance?
  4. Oral hygiene advice: insufficient evidence for best way of providing one to one advice
  5. Mouthguards: Do they reduce dental trauma in contact sports?
  6. Toothpaste: Does it inhibit plaque regrowth?
  7. Resin infiltration of proximal caries lesions
  8. Dental restorations: repair or replace?
  9. Sjögren’s syndrome: treatments for dry mouth and hyposalivation
    "Sjögren's syndrome: treatments for dry mouth and hyposalivation - National Elf Service"
  10. Musculoskeletal disorders in dental care providers: limited evidence for preventive interventions
  11. Orthodontic management and orofacial muscle training protocols in the developing dentition
  12. Implant overdentures: effectiveness of attachment systems
  13. Gingival recession: which surgical treatment technique?
  14. Bone augmentation in atrophic mandibles; autogenous bone or biomaterial?
  15. Oral care for nursing home residents
  16. Antibiotics and toothache
  17. Third molars: Regenerative techniques for preventing periodontal defects
  18. Tinnitus: Prevalence in patients with temporomandibular disorders
  19. Audiovisual distraction for dental anxiety in children?
  20. Geographic tongue: little evidence for the management of symptomatic cases