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  1. MedPedsDoctor: This is very applicable to #meded arena! 100 Ways To Use iPads In Your Classroom
  2. MedPedsDoctor: So i shouldn't retweet this? MT "Credibility" of medical info tweets ... Timely and interesting #meded #medsm
    "Retweeted Health Messages May Not Be What the Patient Ordered"
  3. MedPedsDoctor: Gr8 way to save $$ Hospital Observation Units Could Save Billions in Health Costs, Study Says
  4. MedPedsDoctor: Best conference I went to about use of iPads in educ: put on by my daughters' school. #meded
    "iPossibilities Project / iPossibilities iPad Conference"
  5. MedPedsDoctor: Evernote vs Dropbox: Disclosure: I kept this in Evernote #meded
    "Ask Iggy: Using Dropbox Vs. Evernote « Social Work Tech"
  6. MedPedsDoctor: has had some nice reviews of apps for #meded
    "iMedicalApps | the leading physician publication on mobile medicine"
  7. MedPedsDoctor: Great article re: #publichealth role of Emerg Depts in our nation's #healthcare via
    "Debra Houry, MD, MPH: Emergency Rooms Are on Life Support"
  8. MedPedsDoctor: This! #meded Communicating health care evidence to patients #s4pm
    "An Evidence-Based Approach To Communicating Health Care Evidence To Patients – Health Affairs Blog"
  9. MedPedsDoctor: Technology's Role In Education: A Primer via
  10. MedPedsDoctor: 5 things that I want my patients to know via Now this needs to be disseminated to public! #meded
  11. MedPedsDoctor: 6 in 10 Physicians Would Quit Today Not me ! :-)
  12. MedPedsDoctor: You will rock! Association for Academic Psychiatry, how about #acpsych12 for Nashville meeting
  13. MedPedsDoctor: Competency-based #Medical Education: The Time Is Now via #meded #AAMC
    "Competency-based Medical Education: The Time Is Now | Wing Of Zock"
  14. MedPedsDoctor: Very helpful! #meded 25 Twitter Tips For Your Professional Development
  15. MedPedsDoctor: Tutorial showing Physicians how to set up their iPad for medical use #mhealth #hcsm
  16. MedPedsDoctor: Pediatricians: Bounce Trampolines From Homes To Protect Kids
    "Pediatricians: Bounce Trampolines From Homes To Protect Kids : Shots - Health Blog : NPR"
  17. MedPedsDoctor: Sweet! MT Understanding the Factors That Influence the Adoption & Meaningful Use of SoMe by Docs #meded
    "JMIR--Understanding the Factors That Influence the Adoption and Meaningful Use of Social Media by Physicians to Share Medical Information | McGowan | Journal of Medical Internet Research"
  18. MedPedsDoctor: Just posted a 2.18 mi run - Good to be back! #RunKeeper
    "Running Activity 2.18 mi | RunKeeper"
  19. MedPedsDoctor: Great memories from a great night
  20. MedPedsDoctor: Very cool! more opportunity for pt engagement! New System for Patients to Report Medical Mistakes