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  1. DrDavidBallard: Open enrollment survival guide – Tools, #tips & tricks (from #benefits #communication #HR
    "Your open enrollment survival guide – Tools, tips and tricks"
  2. DrDavidBallard: Substance abuse among U.S. military declared a public health crisis (
  3. DrDavidBallard: Big settlement for noncompliance w/ #HIPAA privacy & security rules. Protect those laptops & smartphones (
    "Large settlement for data breach sends message to lock up laptops and smartphones - amednews.com"
  4. DrDavidBallard: Big Employers Change The Way They Provide Health Benefits (via
  5. DrDavidBallard: 3/4 of pts want to access records online, >60% want electronic communication, but only 40% of docs have the capability
    "Patients, MDs Divided by IT Chasm"
  6. DrDavidBallard: Instant Responding Must Be Managed to Work. New from on our blog #worklife #technology
  7. DrDavidBallard: Just updated our database of articles on employee #health & #business performance. >4100 summaries #wellness
    "PHWP: Articles & Research Abstracts"
  8. DrDavidBallard: Boredom can be a chronic stressor with consequences for health & well-being (via
    "Why Are You So Bored? Research Sheds Light on the Answer | Psych Central News"
  9. DrDavidBallard: MT Behavioral economics, websites & pts who can't reach #wellness goals #technology
    "Kent Bottles Private Views: Sticking to Health & Wellness Goals: These Websites Made Me Do It"
  10. DrDavidBallard: Re: study on credibility of health tweets -- full article (PDF) available at #healthcare #socialmedia #hcsm
    "An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie"
  11. DrDavidBallard: Interesting study on credibility of #health tweets & RTs #healthcare #socialmedia #hcsm
    "Twitter: Health Message Retweets Lose Credibility | Psych Central News"
  12. DrDavidBallard: Decision to Make Healthy Food Choice Hinges on Brain Competition (via #neuroscience
  13. DrDavidBallard: Lingering fetal DNA can affect moms, but I can attest that having sons alters the father's brain functioning, too ;-)
    "Bearing Sons Can Alter Your Mind - ScienceNOW"
  14. DrDavidBallard: Ha! MT Already tough to work w/ the ones I like! :) HOW TO Work w/ Ppl You Don’t Like
    "How To: Work With People You Don’t Like"
  15. DrDavidBallard: Study finds male DNA from pregnancy w/ a male fetus can persist in a woman's brain throughout her life (
    "Bearing Sons Can Alter Your Mind - ScienceNOW"
  16. DrDavidBallard: #Parents underestimate their children's worry levels & overestimate optimism (
    "BPS Research Digest: Parents underestimate their children's worry levels and overestimate their optimism"
  17. DrDavidBallard: HOW TO: Work With People You Don’t Like (from
  18. DrDavidBallard: Paradox of Hoaxes: How Errors Persist, Even When Corrected ( on
  19. DrDavidBallard: Changing Attitudes: Why Employers Need to End Pregnancy Discrimination (
  20. DrDavidBallard: A Midweek Look at the Independent #Business Blogs (from #leadership #management
    "Three Star Leadership Blog: 9/26/12: A Midweek Look at the Independent Business Blogs"