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  1. hjluks: chk this out too
    "Infographics Become Easy As Pie, With This Disruptive Font | Co.Design: business + innovation + design"
  2. hjluks: MUST READ !
    "How Will You Measure Your Life?: Clayton M. Christensen,James Allworth,Karen Dillon: 9780062102416: Amazon.com: Books"
  3. hjluks: The sheer volume of information available in medicine has surpassed the cognitive capacity of every practitioner
    "Decision Making Aides and Technology in Medicine - Howard J. Luks, MD"
  4. hjluks: A Fix for Tennis Elbow
  5. hjluks: another study re: ASB, ADB
    "OE - Ortho Evidence"
  6. hjluks: I favorited a video from RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us
  7. hjluks: The Cost of Assuming Doctors Know Best - The Atlantic
  8. hjluks: How Will the Texting Generation Change the Physician-Patient Relationship? - #medx #HITsm
  9. hjluks: Medicine and Social Media - We're Getting There- Slowly. - #medx (from afar)
  10. hjluks: I'm really trying hard ! What about you? The hcr system isn't going to change itself ...
    "Trying to Provide Quality Care in an Imperfect System"
  11. hjluks: Patient Satisfaction: It Is Not Just About Marketing -
  12. hjluks: 10 IOM recommendations for a better health care system
    "IOM: Physicians play key role in stopping health system waste - amednews.com"
  13. hjluks: You simply have to care! You need to care enough to listen... you need to care enough to teach, you need to care...
    "Update Your Browser | Facebook"
  14. hjluks: I'm trying... you?
    "Trying to Provide Quality Care in an Imperfect System"
  15. hjluks: Bone pain can be an unwelcome side effect of treatment. Here Rachel Pappas offers some advice
  16. hjluks: Good luck Rob. Last Day
  17. hjluks: "Credibility" of medical info tweets ... Timely and interesting #MedX #medsm
    "Retweeted Health Messages May Not Be What the Patient Ordered"
  18. hjluks: "Medical mistakes kill enough people each week to fill four jumbo jets"
    "How to Stop Hospitals from Killing Us - WSJ.com"
  19. hjluks: How to Stop Hospitals from Killing Us
  20. hjluks: Apps That Use Your DNA