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  1. Antipsychotics for acute treatment of first episode schizophrenia
  2. Predictors of adherence to digital interventions for psychosis
  3. Psychodynamic programmes for personality disorders: residential versus community treatment
  4. Power to the people: practitioners, patients and power
  5. Genetics of depression: risk factors and protective factors
  6. Body dissatisfaction in men. The Body Project: More Than Muscles RCT
  7. Brief, intensive and concentrated CBT for anxiety disorders in children
  8. Suicide-related internet searches following the release of 13 Reasons Why
    "Suicide-related internet searches following release of 13 Reasons Why"
  9. Mental health apps for young people: an evidence-free zone?
  10. Novel Psychoactive Substances: bridging the knowledge gap
  11. Physical activity and depression: new review confirms high levels of sedentary behaviour
  12. Mindfulness in schools: what next?
  13. People with severe mental illness die younger and things are getting worse
    "People with severe mental illness die younger & things are getting worse"
  14. How consistent are international treatment guidelines for bipolar disorder?
  15. Cannabis use can lead to relapse in psychosis, partially because patients stop taking medication
  16. Could psychiatric inpatient admission cause suicide?
  17. The trauma of psychosis: high rates of PTSD in first episode psychosis
  18. Trauma-related childhood hospital admission linked with self-harm and violent crime in young adults
    "Trauma-related childhood hospital admission, self-harm and violent crime"
  19. Does cannabis influence depression?
  20. Cyberbullying: comparatively rare, not especially damaging or pernicious