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  1. School-based mental health services: a good idea?
  2. Improving outcomes for people with first episode psychosis
    "Improving outcomes in first-episode psychosis"
  3. Moderate and heavy alcohol consumption: what impact on later life brain and cognition?
  4. This is your brain on social media
  5. Gender identity in young people: determinants, epidemiology, mental health and management
    "Gender identity in young people: epidemiology and mental health"
  6. Alcohol is the number one modifiable risk factor for dementia
  7. Adolescent friendships predict later resilient functioning
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  12. The Lancet Psychiatry Commission on psychological treatments #SeeingFurther
  13. Person-centred care for dementia: impact on quality of life, agitation and antipsychotic use
    "Person-centred care for dementia: quality of life, agitation & antipsychotics"
  14. Antipsychotic effectiveness: the numbers don’t lie, check the scoreboard
  15. Community treatment orders and social outcomes in psychosis
  16. What relationship do stressful life events, neglect and abuse have with functional neurological disorder (conversion disorder)?
  17. Non-medical use of prescription drugs #NonMedicalDrugs
  18. Blended psychotherapy: barriers and facilitators identified by psychotherapists
    "Blended psychotherapy: barriers & facilitators identified by psychotherapists"
  19. SSRIs and suicidality: effects of SSRIs on rating-scale-assessed suicidality in adults with depression
  20. Perinatal depression in mothers: how can treatment help with parenting and child development?