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  1. Antipsychotic combinations for schizophrenia: safe and effective?
  2. Over 1 in 10 women have depression during pregnancy or postnatally #HopeNov20
    ">1 in 10 women have depression in pregnancy or postnatally #HopeNov20"
  3. “Treat me with respect”. What happens before, during and after coercion?
    "“Treat me with respect”. What happens before, during & after coercion?"
  4. Zero Suicide Alliance: free suicide prevention training for all #ZSALaunch
  5. Family therapy for anorexia: can it create closeness and containment in parent-adolescent relationships?
  6. Bullying in childhood: cause or consequence of mental health problems? #AntiBullyingWeek
  7. Research unit to bring evidence to forefront of mental health policy
  8. Personal well-being networks for severe mental illness: the importance of being social
  9. Family involvement in acute mental health care
  10. Has Time to Change made it time to talk?
  11. #UnderstandingPsychosis?
  12. Dementia care in hospital: training, leadership and culture change needed
  13. Future self-harm may be reduced with a brief psychological intervention, but perhaps only for the more severe
  14. Brief behavioural therapy for children and adolescents with anxiety and depression
    "Brief behavioural therapy for anxiety and depression in children"
  15. #MentalHealthJukebox: a new tweet chat to entertain, engage and inspire anyone who likes music and mental health
    "#MentalHealthJukebox: a new tweet chat about music and mental health"
  16. Dual diagnosis guidance: money talks when it comes to drugs, alcohol and mental illness
    "Dual diagnosis guidance: money talks about drugs and mental illness"
  17. Anorexia nervosa: relapse, remission and recovery
  18. Patients included? Twitter impact at health care conferences
  19. Are digital tools the answer to improving employee wellbeing and effectiveness? #WorldMentalHealthDay
    "Digital tools: the answer to improving employee wellbeing & effectiveness?"
  20. Neurofeedback for adults with ADHD