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  1. Compulsory Community Treatment does not reduce readmissions or length of stay in hospital
  2. Reminiscence therapy for people living with dementia: Cochrane review is inconclusive
  3. Mental Health Act review: the demise of the nearest relative?
  4. Medication for ADHD: what works for adults, adolescents and children
  5. Genetic predictors of depression trajectories in adolescence
  6. Decision-making capacity of inpatients with schizophrenia: don’t assume people are incapable
  7. Youth suicide prevention research needs a shake-up: lives depend on it
  8. BlueIce app for managing self-harm: what do young people think?
  9. Lack of wealth may increase our risk of dementia
  10. Treating men with eating disorders: do we need gender-specific care?
  11. Evidence-based school-based mental health programmes; the extent of their implementation worldwide
  12. Trauma-informed approaches in mental health: co-optable and corruptible?
    "Trauma-informed approaches in mental health: co-optable & corruptible?"
  13. How far is evidence-informed policy-making achievable?
  14. Digital interventions for psychosis or bipolar disorder: we don’t know very much at all
    "Digital interventions for psychosis and bipolar disorder"
  15. Social connectedness and mental health: measures and conceptual framework
    "Social connectedness and mental health: conceptual framework"
  16. A psychological victory for the domestic violence and abuse sector: the PATH trial
    "Domestic violence and abuse: a psychological victory - the PATH trial"
  17. Youth mental health research priorities: Right People, Right Questions #YoungPeopleMHQ
    "Youth mental health research priorities #YoungPeopleMHQ"
  18. Genetics of depression: understanding risk and improving treatment
  19. Do you have my back? Perceived social support, loneliness, and its impact on mental health outcomes
  20. Mental health stigma in schools: helping young people access support