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  1. Reducing Healthcare Costs with Virtual Visits; Tangible Evidence Provided
  2. Doctor on Demand Expands Reach with Walmart Collaboration and Coupon for Care
  3. Registration Almost Full for the Second Annual API Digital Pathology Workshop
  4. The Future of the LIS: Reflections about Consumers Ordering Their Own Lab Tests
  5. Continuing Discussion about the LIS of the Future; Analytics as a Key Feature?
  6. Health System Transfers Its Pharmacies to Walgreens; Manages Regional Retail Clinics
  7. Predicting the Future Functions of the LIS-Analytic (LIS-A)
  8. Rosy Future Predicted for Cannabis Research; Lab Launched to Support Clinical Trials
  9. Diagnostic and Predictive Analytics and Their Possible Link to the Future of the LIS
  10. It's Not Too Late to Register for a Free Pathology Informatics Webinar Tomorrow
  11. Will Publishing Drug List Prices Help to Reduce Their Cost?
  12. Who Will Resurrect the "Futurescape of Pathology" Conference?
  13. Who Will Resurrect the "Futurescape of Pathology" Conference?
  14. Points of Contention Between Hospitals and IT Companies Developing Algorithms
  15. Retail Drug Stores Emerging as Healthcare Hubs for First-Tier Primary Care
  16. The Critical Role of Pathology Informatics in the Practice of Pathology
  17. Diagnostic Platform for Microbiology; Screens for All Pathogenic Bacteria
  18. Genomic Testing and Patients as "Perpetual" Lab and Hospital Clients
  19. Continuing Discussion about Lab Consultations with Test-Ordering Clinicians
  20. More on Lab Communication with Test-Ordering Physicians and Nurses