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  1. Rachel Clarke: Why, as a doctor, I support an informed People’s Vote
  2. Brexit won’t build a physical wall, but the boundaries it will create will be significant
  3. There is no version of Brexit which will benefit the NHS—only varying degrees of harm
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  5. Fran Baum: Why the 4th People’s Health Assembly is an important event for global health equity
  6. Pallavi Bradshaw: Punishing doctors unfairly for clinical error will not advance patience safety
  7. Tom Jefferson: How Cochrane is doing pharma a good turn
  8. Lisa Bero: More journals should have conflict of interest policies as strict as Cochrane
  9. Alex Nowbar’s research reviews—12 November 2018
    "Alex Nowbar's research reviews—12 November 2018 - The BMJ"
  10. Engaging communities in tuberculosis research: experience of the TB-PRACTECAL trial
  11. Elly Nott: Training Idlib’s obstetricians
  12. Benjamin Mazer: Are medical errors a huge problem that’s simple to fix?
  13. Jeffrey Aronson: When I use a word . . . The Medicines Act 1968 and the British Pharmacopoeia
  14. Richard Smith: A case that illustrates why the NHS appointment system needs to move from the 18th to the 21st century
  15. Peter C Gøtzsche: Cochrane—no longer a Collaboration
  16. Let’s acknowledge the biggest killer of women (and men)
  17. Kent Buse and Sarah Hawkes: Are health organisations leaders or laggards on gender equality?
  18. Tessa Richards: China to set the bar high for new health technologies
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  20. Clinical guidelines in China: tackling conflict of interests and engaging patients