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  1. Greta McLachlan: Women in surgery—it’s improving, but slowly
    "Greta McLachlan: Women in surgery—it's improving, but slowly - The BMJ"
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  2. Rammya Mathew: Is partnership what the next generation of GPs want?
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  3. Richard Smith: Bed management in hospitals—horrible and badly in need of reform
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  4. Jeffrey Aronson: When I use a word . . . Nihilitis
  5. Emma Cartwright: From patient to consumer—the UK vs Singapore
  6. Protecting patient privacy and security while exploiting the utility of next generation digital health wearables
  7. Ian Leistikow: The three stages of safety improvement
  8. Abraar Karan: Doing things for no reason in the hospital
  9. Nick Scriven: Ongoing winter pressure in the NHS
  10. Anna Olsson-Brown: The benefits of QI are numerous and the challenges worth overcoming
  11. Caution needed over ambitions for new primary care networks
  12. Jeremy Taylor: Financial interests of patient organisations
  13. The challenges of developing healthcare quality measures based on ICD-10-CM Codes
  14. David Melzer: Haemochromatosis is linked to more disease than previously thought
  15. Jenny Vaughan: How can a “‘just culture”’ truly develop in healthcare
  16. Kate Evans: Questions we can’t answer
  17. Is TED dead?—a return to good-old fashioned conversation
  18. Zackary Berger’s weekly research reviews—14 January 2019
    "Zackary Berger's weekly research reviews—14 January 2019 - The BMJ"
  19. The NHS long term plan: the road from plan to improvements for patients
  20. Peter Brindley: But why are we here?