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  1. EMCrit Wee – An Amazing (Wearable) Cric Trainer from Laura Duggan and the AirwayCollaboration Folks
  2. iSepsis – Vitamin C, Hydrocortisone and Thiamine for Sepsis
  3. PulmCrit- The gag reflex shouldn’t be tested in living patients
    "PulmCrit- The gag reflex shouldn't be tested in living patients"
  4. EMCrit 202 – Blood Bank Essentials with Joe Chaffin
  5. The Psychologically Difficult Airway by George Kovacs
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  11. PulmCrit- Resuscitationist’s guide to status epilepticus
    "PulmCrit- Resuscitationist's guide to status epilepticus"
  12. Ketamine ……. then Rocuronium, DSI & The Timing Principle
  13. Podcast 197 – The Logistics of the Administration of Massive Transfusion
  14. The Sick and the Dead: Evidence-Based Trauma Resuscitation in 2016 by Hicks & Petrosoniak
  15. Paul Marik on the Metabolic Resuscitation of Sepsis
  16. EM Nerd-The Case of the Shadowy Spector
  17. EM Nerd-A Brief Addendum to the Adventure of the Red-Headed League
  18. EHPR Part 5: Using Mental Practice and Visualization Exercises by Mike Lauria
  19. Podcast 193 – Emergency Medicine is a Failed Paradigm
  20. EM Nerd-The Case of the Aimless Company