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  1. Illegal levels of chemicalsl for your kids to chew on at school.
    "Chemicals banned in toys, not school supplies | News - Home"
  2. We Failed Steve Jobs via article ignoring the number of toxic chemicals Jobs worked with for decades
  3. Soda makes kids fatter.
  4. Making GMO corn which survives huge amounts of pesticide spray creates dangerous food+excessive toxin exposure #Prop37
    "After GMO rat study: Russia suspends imports, France investigates"
  5. NFL 2012: Why the NFL Replacement Referees Have to Go | Bleacher Report via
  6. you gotta read the list of countries allowed which features in iPhone iOS 6 -- -- #S ...
    "Apple - iOS 6 Feature Availability"
  7. Senate Republicans just blocked a jobs bill that puts unemployed veterans back to work. Fucking shameful.
    "Veterans' bill voted down by GOP as Senate Democrats proclaim 'new low' | World news | guardian.co.uk"
  8. Breastfeeding at work. This baby's virus endangered no one 10 feet away. Prof's breasts shocked no adults. Need change.
    "About that professor who breastfed in class... | HLNtv.com"
  9. Thanks for article about abhorrence of "crying it out" sleep training and ethics of circumcision and AAP
    "What Happened to Ethics in Pediatric Medicine? | Psychology Today"
  10. The decision about circumcision was based on getting insurance reimbursement, not on babies' health Sleep training ...
    "What Happened to Ethics in Pediatric Medicine? | Psychology Today"
  11. If you learn to love salt as a child, you never learn to "unlove" it. Causes elevated BP which harms kids and adults
    "Too Much Salt Might Harm Kids' Health: Study - US News and World Report"
  12. Air "fresheners" increase tendency to asthma and other resp ailments:
    "Exposed: Cancer-Causing Toxins Found in Air Fresheners | Care2 Healthy Living ScienceDirect.com - Atmospheric Environment - Cleaning products and air fresheners: exposure to primary and secondary air pollutants"
  13. A painful personal take on VAERS and HPV vaccination
    "Jenny's Journey: Jenny Is Dead, But Her Question Stands"
  14. Dr. Phil is not a good person.
    "Dancing with Dr Phil - Attachment Parenting of West LA"
  15. The 5th dose of DTaP is not very dangerous but it doesn't work well enough to merit the huge fuss about vaccine refusal
    "Acellular pertussis vaccine provided limited protection | Pediatrics"
  16. Not yet, but soon bananas may not be vegetarian food
    "What Do You Mean This Banana Isn’t Vegan?"
  17. There is no TB outbreak in Los Angeles AND no longer a TB test requirement for schools.
    "LA County Department of Public Health - Tuberculosis Control Program"
  18. 96% of 134 cases of polio on our planet in 2012 in Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. 5 cases in Chad. Zero elsewhere
    "Global Polio Eradication Initiative > Data and monitoring > Polio this week"
  19. Gardasil. 1 in 3 million vs 3 in 40,000. The safety of this vaccine is not well enough established.
    "Jenny's Journey: Jenny Is Dead, But Her Question Stands"
  20. Teenage obesity hurts teens' brains.
    "Metabolic Syndrome and the Teenage Brain - NYTimes.com"