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  1. Dr Abramson shares model for way to think about solving a health problem as patient (w doc & coach) #medX
    "Twitter / SeattleMamaDoc: Dr Abramson shares model for ..."
  2. We Failed Steve Jobs <- from my med school friend Sid Mukherjee
  3. We Are Hungry Video - Your Politics is Showing Jon Stewart takes a shot at the Kansas video. # ...
  4. 5 Things Parents Should DO Before A Child's Sports Physical
    "How To Improve Screening For Sudden Cardiac Death | Seattle Mama Doc"
  5. Emergency contraceptive pills cannot interrupt an established pregnancy or harm a developing embryo
    "WHO | Emergency contraception"
  6. "Would You Do It All Again?" [I would] my most recent post was on this subject.
  7. ooofdah. 6 in 10 Physicians Would Quit Today Not me ! :-)
  8. Mind-blowing: There were 56,263 social media comments per minute at the end of the Packers-Seahawks game. ...
  9. I'm at the studio. On w 8:15 to talk abt new study on antibiotic use & ways to protect kids
    "Twitter / SeattleMamaDoc: I'm at the studio. On w ..."
  10. Copy of Obama's admin letter to hospitals on EHR upcharge/fraud in hospital billing (9/24): via
    "Letter From Obama Administration on Hospital Billing - Document - NYTimes.com"
  11. Antibiotics (particularly in babies) may increase risk of inflammatory bowel disease: || Blog post explaining data.
    "What Are Lasting Side Effects Of Antibiotics In Children? | Seattle Mama Doc"
  12. Great info for families on preventing whooping cough: | Awesome!! Thanks, -- I hadn't seen it.
  13. Whooping cough is life-threatening illness for newborns. Vaccinate to help Video: A mother's personal story
    "Help Silence the Sounds of Pertussis — Pertussis (Whooping Cough), Vaccine & Symptom Information"
  14. Big day with Dad
    "Photo by mgridley • Instagram"
  15. 3 powerful studies published in show decreased soda/sugary drinks reduces obesity in children & adults ||
  16. Good news. Trial of Sugar-free or Sugar-Sweetened Beverages & Body Weight in Children -- NEJM
  17. What Every Parent Should Know About Sudden Cardiac Death Screening:
  18. The (very) digital med student. An amazing voice to the future of health care, :
    "Danielle Jones, Medical Student – the MDigitalLife Interview | Common Sense"
  19. Miserable school drop-offs: || Separation anxiety is my diagnosis, too.
    "Miserable Preschool Drop-Offs | Seattle Mama Doc"
  20. At minute mark 1:03 in video about voting, there is a clickable link. Anyone know how to do this? #hcsm
    "Chelsea Clinton on Why You Should Vote - YouTube"