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  1. Just come across this history of science blogging, great post & links from the ‘Blogfather’
    "Science Blogs – definition, and a history | A Blog Around The Clock, Scientific American Blog Network"
  2. Pregnant women to be offered whooping cough vaccination to protect newborns
  3. MT“ Ministers in #India to bring 348 vital #drugs (60% of domestic mkt) under price control #publichealth”
    "Govt to bring essential medicines under price control - The Times of India"
  4. “ Sleeping pill use raises risk of #dementia via #benzodiazepines” #BMJ
    "Seniors dementia risk raised with sleeping pill use - Health - CBC News Benzodiazepine use and risk of dementia: prospective population based study | BMJ"
  5. MT“ Are interventions to promote physical activity in children a waste of time? Looks like it” #BMJ
  6. Information is Beautiful data visualisation and infographic awards: the winners gallery
  7. “ Dueling editorials in by Obama & Romney on future of US health care” <- wow
  8. MT“ on why doctors should try Twitter to stay on top of med research via Quite
    "Internist at St. Michael’s uses Twitter to stay on top of research"
  9. Get details about the evidence I found of an ancient streambed on Mars: #MSL
    "NASA Rover Finds Old Streambed on Martian Surface - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory"
  10. A River Ran Through It. I found evidence of an ancient streambed on Mars, similar to some on Earth
    "Twitter / MarsCuriosity: A River Ran Through It. I found ..."
  11. I did a second TED talk. Is there a video filter that can sort your hair out? <- m ...
    "Ben Goldacre: What doctors don't know about the drugs they prescribe | Video on TED.com"
  12. Is there a good tool to assess quality of pharmacoepi safety studies? No, say FDA researchers
  13. Illicit drugs 'going out of fashion' via <- lowest recorded rates of use in UK since 1996
  14. Have we got it all wrong? terrific piece on Reducing emergency admissions in BMJ
    "Reducing emergency admissions: are we on the right track? | BMJ"
  15. Social Media Etiquette for Journalists: The Rules Have Changed
  16. Are celebrity endorsements of health causes a good idea?
  17. Does celebrity involvement in public health campaigns deliver long term benefit? No #BMJ by Geof Rayner
  18. Does celebrity involvement in public health campaigns deliver long term benefit? Yes #BMJ by
  19. #Cancer by ethnic group in Scotland Does the ‘Scottish effect’ apply to all ethnic groups?
  20. editors express disappointment in the 'World Health Report 2012 That Wasn't' #glo ...