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  1. A Really Tricky ABG?: Crack the case and you get to become a F.UCEM.
  2. The role of synthetic colloids for the volume resuscitation of critically ill adults
  3. Nurseversity: WPW syndrome By . via
    "Nurseversity: WPW syndrome. »"
  4. Warfarin reversal with Prothrombinex via
  5. Also worth checking out great new emergency nursing blog By ED nursing guru
    "keepcaring | ED nurse on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia"
  6. Nurseversity: Mechanical Ventilation. via Great resource on Mechanical Ventilation via
    "Nurseversity: Mechanical Ventilation. »"
  7. Listening to: PHARM Podcast 28 - My first emergency surgical airway with Dr Jordan Schooler via
    "PHARM Podcast 28 – My first emergency surgical airway with Dr Jordan Schooler | PHARM"
  8. OXY’s LOG – ‘Between shock and a hard place…’ The in's and out's of cardiogenic shock.
  9. The Textbook is Dead via another stella thought provoking talk/debate by
    "The Textbook is Dead |"
  10. Great collection of cases and resources in LITFL Critical Care Compendium -Check it out!
  11. The LITFL Review 069: Another great collection of EM/ICU blog post from the last week, put together by
  12. 3 Simple Rules to Avoid Torture By
  13. Burdening families with CPR decisions in the face of futility is cruel via
  14. Great resource for learning capnography
    "Welcome to capnography.com for understanding capnography"
  15. An Infection, Unnoticed, Turns Unstoppable There's a lesson in Rory story for all health care providers. #sepsis
    "In Rory Staunton’s Fight for His Life, Signs That Went Unheeded - NYTimes.com"

  16. "Intraosseous versus intravenous vascular acces... [Ann Emerg Med. 2011] - PubMed - NCBI"
  17. LMA & IO is the way to go in cardiac arrest management (especially pre-hospital) finally some evidence to support me!!!
    "The quality of cardiopulmonary resuscitation u... [Resuscitation. 2012] - PubMed - NCBI"
  18. Call for national system for monitoring vital signs
    "BBC News - Call for national system for monitoring vital signs"
  19. #FOAM - what is it? explaining how med ed is changing big style. Be a part of it! ...
  20. Free Behavioural Emergencies Talks:
    "Talks from the 2011 National Conference on Behavioural Emergencies"