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  1. have you seen this post on self-tracking?
    "Why I Stopped Tracking | Quantified Self"
  2. Podcast Special: #Badpharma author in conversation with
  3. Ben Goldacre: What doctors don't know about the drugs they prescribe #TED = watch this, then take action
  4. Look at the transparency doc of https://t.co/rWGMHW6W <- amazing. Please see their website
  5. Maria only needs $310 to be donated to be able to receive chemo and radiotherapy
    "Watsi | Fund Maria from Guatemala"
  6. I've just gelped fund Workenesh's surgery
    "Watsi | Fund Workenesh from Ethiopia"
  7. no, i cant see mention of loops here
  8. Will be useful to some! MT Mixed-method approaches to social network analysis.
  9. Widely used sleeping pill 'increases dementia' risk: Sleeping pills taken by millions are linked to dementia, ac...
  10. Frozen chips 'can cause cancer': Frozen chips ‘are a cause of cancer' is the somewhat premature and scary claim ...
    "Acrylamide in frozen chips 'cancer risk' - Health News - NHS Choices"
  11. Whooping cough and pregnancy – new advice issued: 'Pregnant women are to be given the whooping cough vaccine for...
    "Whooping cough vaccine for women 28-38 weeks pregnant - Health News - NHS Choices"
  12. More info on UCL's elearning strategy 2012-15
  13. Prezi of UCL's elearning strategy cites <-I like it:)
    "UCL's E-Learning Strategy by E-Learning Environments UCL on Prezi"
  14. UCL's new elearning strategy in a prezi <- they like #oer
    "UCL's E-Learning Strategy by E-Learning Environments UCL on Prezi"
  15. 5 Critical Mistakes Schools Make With iPads: Treating as multi-user devices.. -
    "5 Critical Mistakes Schools Make With iPads (And How To Correct Them)"
  16. Internist at St. Michael’s uses Twitter to stay on top of research via ...
  17. Patients posting about other patients on hospital ward on Facebook leads to complaints via #privacy
    "BBC News - Facebook insults in Nevill Hall Hospital investigated"
  18. My paper on m-health and the digital cyborg now available free from Social Theory & Health #medso ...
    "Social Theory and Health - M-health and health promotion: The digital cyborg and surveillance society"
  19. Moo Adds Programmable NFC Chips To Their Business Cards
  20. Let us not forget that JK Rowling personally rocks.
    "Twitter / jackseale: Let us not forget that JK Rowling ..."