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  1. Starting nasal steroid spray early in pollen season works better than later on Same applies for any allergy treatment
  2. Aust and NZ surgeons report on anaphylaxis experience due to blue dye during breast surgery
    "Patent Blue V dye anaphylaxis: experience of Aust... [ANZ J Surg. 2012] - PubMed - NCBI"
  3. Photo: I love a good #entomology themed wine label #insects #ants (Taken with Instagram)
    "I love a good #entomology themed wine label... - A WETLAND FIELD GUIDE"
  4. You can't control your brain. Neuroscientist BoB explains why or you could read this
    "B.o.B (Bobby Ray)- Ghost in the Machine (HQ+Lyrics on Screen) - YouTube You're far less in control of your brain than you think, study finds"
  5. Reports of IgG4-related systemic disease are popping up everywhere. Here 6 cases from Australia
    "Extra-pancreatic manifestations of IgG4-Related... [Intern Med J. 2012] - PubMed - NCBI"
  6. Social media tips for scientists on the blog
  7. The God Proteus and Celiac Disease
    "The God Proteus and Coeliac Disease"
  8. Great paper. I learnt a lot. Open access MT Our paper: communicating with parents on vaccination
    "BMC Pediatrics | Abstract | Communicating with parents about vaccination: a framework for health professionals"
  9. People less likely to trust retweeted health messages
  10. Huge review of ACEInhibitor trials shows 1 in 333 get angioedema that is potentially lethal
  11. Analysis of all people in Ontario (12 million) reveals multiple disease links to asthma. Open access. Good tables
    "PLOS ONE: Describing and Quantifying Asthma Comorbidty: A Population Study"
  12. You’ll then have same outcome between 7 and 14yrs! Don’t use new drugs for 7yrs
    "The seven-year rule for safer prescribing - Australian Prescriber"
  13. ‘Oh Waiter…’ An Allergic Child Learns to Dine Out. Article by Laurie Harada - #foodallergy #ana ...
  14. Dr BuzzKill becomes Dr FeelGood. Light consumption of wine prolongs life. All the data
    "From The Archives – Myths and Realities: Heart and Wine | Clinical Correlations"
  15. Those with celiac disease should avoid creams and powders containing wheat or wheat derivatives
    "Cutaneous hypersensitivity to gluten. [Dermatitis. 2012] - PubMed - NCBI"
  16. A history of allergy is linked to less oral cancer
    "Cancer Causes and Control, Online First™ - SpringerLink"
  17. Vaccine available in Tasmania but NOT funded in Victoria MT Anaphylaxis to Jumper Ant
    "Jack of jumper ants | Ranges Trader Mail | Star News Group Local community news"
  18. 88 year old Victorian man allergic to Jack Jumper Ant recounts his latest encounter #allergy
    "Jack of jumper ants | Ranges Trader Mail | Star News Group Local community news"
  19. Whooping cough outbreak in Quebec worst in 10 yrs. 700 cases so far this year vs 82 all last year 80% ...
    "CJAD 800 – News. Talk. Radio. :: Whooping cough outbreak in Quebec - CJAD Local News :: CJAD Local News"
  20. Great book for students and clinicians of immunology Review Roitt’s Essential Immunology
    "World Allergy Organization | WAO Medical Book Review"