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  1. Panic disorder in people with bipolar disorder: very common, but treatment options limited
  2. Low dose Amisulpride for very late onset schizophrenia-like psychosis: the ATLAS study
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  4. Inhaling evidence about tobacco and psychosis
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  6. After the crisis: self-management and peer-support
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  9. Parental homelessness linked to increased risk of mental illness in offspring
  10. Universal resilience: could it be the answer?
  11. Emotional distress in dementia: qualitative systematic review
  12. “Where I End And You Begin”: A personal commentary on Russo’s ‘Through the eyes of the observed’ #PsychDrugDebate
    "“Where I End And You Begin” #PsychDrugDebate"
  13. How should we redirect research on psychiatric drugs? #PsychDrugDebate
  14. Asking about suicide does not cause harm, in fact it may help
  15. Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management: STARS trial suggests benefits for children’s mental health
  16. Complementary therapies for PTSD: can mindfulness combat the mindlessness of combat? #CAMSTRAND2018
  17. CBT for anxiety: new meta-analysis confirms significant improvements to target symptoms
  18. Suicide risk following childhood interpersonal violence
  19. Poorer cardiovascular screening, diagnosis and management if you have a mental illness
    "Poorer cardiovascular care if you have a mental illness"
  20. Third wave CBT for psychosis: how reliable is current evidence?