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  1. Polypharmacy for major depression: is practice evidence-based?
  2. Family therapy for adolescent self-harm: SHIFT trial says it doesn’t reduce hospital visits and isn’t cost-effective
  3. People with severe mental illness have more adverse outcomes from medical or surgical treatment
    "Severe mental illness adverse outcomes medical or surgical treatment"
  4. The long view: what has really changed with recovery?
  5. Staff training to improve patient experiences of mental health inpatient wards
    "Staff training improves patient experiences of mental health inpatient wards"
  6. Preventing mental health problems: what can we do?
  7. Man Up: using social media to tackle male suicide
  8. Beyond thought and behaviour: is psychosis more than a brain disorder? 
  9. What do we know about women, cannabis and psychosis?
  10. CBT may help to improve emotion regulation in children with autism
  11. The key to maternal mental health? Make it a collective experience again #maternalmhmatters
  12. The impact of physical restraint on people in mental health settings
  13. Power Threat Meaning Framework: innovative and important? #PTMFramework
    "Power Threat Meaning Framework: innovative & important? #PTMFramework"
  14. “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen”. Depression and bipolar disorder in people with intellectual disabilities
  15. Understanding the genetics of antipsychotic treatment response
  16. Pets are mostly good for our mental health
  17. Independent housing and support for people with severe mental illness
  18. Inclusion health: a new perspective on health inequalities?
  19. School-based mental health services: a good idea?
  20. Improving outcomes for people with first episode psychosis
    "Improving outcomes in first-episode psychosis"