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  1. Treating depression with physical activity in young people
  2. Overcoming injustice in mental health: is there a role for philosophy?
  3. Community action has little impact on harms from alcohol use disorder
  4. Crime victimisation: vulnerability increased after onset of mental illness
  5. Is the incidence of schizophrenia in South-East London really 10 times higher than in Santiago, Spain?
    "Incidence of schizophrenia in South-East London and Santiago, Spain"
  6. Behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia: GPs’ perspective on management
    "Behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia: GPs' perspective on management"
  7. Is income inequality damaging our mental health?
  8. A roadmap to advance dementia research and care by 2025
  9. What can genetics tell us about the link between cannabis and schizophrenia? #MHQT
    "What can genetics tell us about link between cannabis and schizophrenia?"
  10. Medical cannabis for mental illness: current use is not supported by research #MHQT
    "Medical cannabis for mental illness #MHQT"
  11. The cost of persuasive design: digital media use and ADHD
  12. Depression and anxiety: two sides of the same coin? #TransDX2018
  13. Transdiagnostic and disorder-specific anxiety disorder treatments have equivalent treatment effects
  14. The transdiagnostic approach to anxiety: the case is made (again!) #TransDX2018
    "The transdiagnostic approach to anxiety #TransDX2018"
  15. Whose Safety is it Anyway? Service user and carer involvement in mental health care safety #MHNR2018
    "Whose Safety is it Anyway? Involvement in mental health care safety"
  16. Mental health crisis teams in England: lost in translation? #MHNR2018
  17. Systematic review of recovery may leave more questions than answers
  18. Sexual safety in mental health inpatient units #SexualSafetyMH
  19. Integrated Motivational Volitional model of suicidal behaviour #WSPD18
  20. Social media: good and bad experiences and the impact on depression