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  1. Tough Topics to Talk about
  2. Tough topics to talk about
  3. Ways to avoid “othering”
  4. Othering
  5. How are you going with your resolutions?
  6. Season’s Greetings
  7. Five things I learned about pain this year
  8. Mind your language!
  9. Expectations – and communicating
  10. On the problem of coping
  11. Tribalism in pain rehabilitation
  12. Pain science is not a thing
  13. Wait and see…when do we “escalate” care for low back pain?
  14. On “us” and “them”: what if we’re one of “them”?
  15. From the particular to the general – Clinical reasoning in the real world
  16. Wandering back from the IASP World Congress
  17. Six old papers for pain clinicians
  18. Myths about exposure therapy
  19. What it means to be a therapist
  20. The dynasty of the disc! More history in pain management