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  1. Peter Bailey: Does the government still have valid consent for withdrawal from the EU?
  2. Vinay Prasad: A wake-up call for the medical profession
  3. Kathryn Leask: The “right to be forgotten” online
  4. Richard Smith: The public health of death, dying, and grief has been neglected, but now is the time
  5. Screen time and social media: Interventions to protect our children’s health
  6. Global suicide mortality: Using data to inform action and monitor progress
  7. Disabled people like me fear legal assisted suicide: it suggests that some lives are less worth living
  8. There is an urgent need to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen
  9. Alex Nowbar’s research reviews—5 February 2019
    "Alex Nowbar's research reviews—5 February 2019 - The BMJ"
  10. Tessa Richards: Patient engagement—what’s the return on investment?
    "Tessa Richards: Patient engagement—what's the return on investment? - The BMJ"
  11. Miles Sibley: The language used to describe patient feedback has a detrimental influence on safety culture
  12. Michael Farquhar: NHS staff are in a perfect position to be advocates for LGBT+ people when they most need it
  13. “Care Under Pressure”: How can we achieve wellbeing at work for doctors?
  14. Sarah Markham: Patients have knowledge and agency which is essential to their recovery
  15. Educating patients or blaming them? Public education campaigns on antibiotic resistance
  16. When is patient feedback “valid”? Supporting patient feedback as a catalyst for change
    "When is patient feedback "valid"? Supporting patient feedback as a catalyst for change - The BMJ"
  17. Jeffrey Aronson: When I use a word . . . Dragon’s teeth
  18. Looking after ourselves at work: The importance of being hydrated and fed
  19. Deal or no deal? The Brexit process has descended into farce but will it become a tragedy?
  20. Katie Walker and Michael Ben-Meir: It’s time to think hard about how clinicians work in a digital age