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  1. What ABIM and Theranos Have In Common
  2. What is MOC®? Why Is This Important?
  3. Why the IRS Needs to Investigate the ABIM
  4. Hurting for Money, ABIM Raises Fees 12%
  5. My Remarks Before the Ohio Health Committee On MOC®
  6. Ohio and the Embarrassment of MOC
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  8. Our Unsustainable Fear-based ABMS Physician Credentialing System
  9. Who Will Be Dr. Nora's Replacement?
  10. On State Medical Societies' Letter to End or "Redirect" MOC
  11. Fake News: Annals of Internal Medicine's Disclosures
  12. Texas to JAMA: A Lesson on Self-Regulation
  13. MOC and Recertification - As Predicted
    "Dr. Wes: MOC and Recertification - As Predicted"
  14. Direct Adverse Effects of MOC® on Patients
  15. JAMA: The Certification Fees and Finances of US Medical Specialty Boards
  16. MOC® and Academic Medical Centers' Reliance on Pharmaceutical Funding
  17. Advice for Ohio Physicians: What a Physician Learned by Lobbying in Texas
  18. Common Sense
  19. Texas Anti-MOC Compromise Bill to Go Into Effect 1 Jan 2018
  20. Antitrust Suit Against AOA Proceeds to Discovery Phase in New Jersey